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      Formic Acid

      Formic Acid

      Formic Acid
      CAS NO.:64-18-6
      Molecular formula:HCOOH
      Property: Colourless combutibles liquid with seepage stimulate stimul Soluble in water and alcohol. Specific gravity: 1.2201 (20℃). Melting point: 8.3℃ Boiling point 100℃
      Use:Widely used in pesticide, leather, rubber, dyes, pharmaceuticals and other industries.
      Packing:in 25kgs/250kgs/IBC plastic drum.

      Commodity Formic Acid 85%
      Packing In 25kgs/250kgs/IBC plastic drum
      Item Standard
      Appearance Clarity
      Color 20#
      Content 85% min
      Chloride 0.005% max
      Sulphate 0.002% max
      Fe 0.0005% max
      Residue 0.02% max



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